Behind any successful stable is a great team and we are very lucky here at Zeebriva Stables to have a great bunch of people working for us.
Jake Holliday
Jake has been with us for a year now and rides work on a daily basis. He also carries out other duties around the yard. Jake is also a Conditional Jockey and to date has ridden in 12 races.

Nibbler has been with us for 2 years after previously working for Richard Fahey. Nibs carries out normal stable duties and can often be seen at the races. Nibs is a former Flat and Jump Jockey and rode his first winner on a horse called Kenpack  

Max Johnson
Max rides out for us 5 mornings per week. Max is also a very successful Point To Point Rider

Harriet Dukes
Harriet rides out for us on a weekend and is also a successful Amateur Flat Jockey and can often be seen riding for Dukes Racing.

Kathy comes unto the yard 3 mornings per week to ride out. Kathy also works with the yearlings and colts

Barry McHugh
Barry is our stable jockey for Flat Racing.
He rides out for us most weeks so he is familiar with the horses when they are at the races.

Thomas Coyle
Thomas is our full time Rodent Officer. Thomas carries out a full inspection of every stable on a daily basis to ensure we have no unwanted visitors.

Security Team
This is made up of 4 members. These are Whippy, Tilly, Butty and Mama. They work on a shift basis to cover full security 24hrs a day, 365 days a year.

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